The KiSS 92.5 App

What’s New

We’ve completely re-imagined and re-designed the KiSS 92.5 app! Check out the updates and let us know what you think!

App Description

With the new and improved KiSS 92.5 app, you can:

  • Listen to a live stream of KiSS 92.5 on any Android device, including phone and tablet.
  • Get the very latest music, pop-culture and entertainment updates from our newsfeed
  • Instantly listen to a live stream of our partner radio stations, and view accompanying album art and artist information.
  • Watch videos on-demand, including in-studio performances, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage as well as video from our partner brands.
  • Listen to clips on-demand, including show highlights, podcasts and full-length interviews.
  • Add songs, articles, videos and contests to your personalized favourites list.
  • Get social by easily swiping through our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds – without leaving the app.
  • Connect with the on-air DJ via text, phone, Twitter or Facebook
  • View and enter radio station contests
  • Listen in “car mode” (do not use app while driving).
  • Receive instant alerts for on-air programming announcements and special contests
  • Supports AirPlay and Chromecast

Download for iOS: To install the KiSS 92.5 App onto your Apple Device or Tablet visit the following:

Download for Android: To install the KiSS 92.5 App onto your Google Device or Tablet visit the following:


Got feedback on the app? Send your comments and suggestions to


KiSS 92.5 SMS Texting FAQ: 925-555

What is an SMS message? An SMS message is a text-based message sent or received on your mobile handset.

How much does it cost to send an SMS message to KiSS 92.5? Your carrier’s standard messaging & data rates may apply

What is a shortcode? A shortcode is a five or six-digit number used to address SMS messages. KiSS 92.5’s shortcode is 925-555

How often can I send text message? There is no limitation.

How do I opt out of receiving messages from KiSS 92.5? Text STOP to 925-555.

Which communication companies offer the service? All the major wireless carriers in Canada offer the service through common short code initiative.

What do you do with the collected information? By participating in KiSS 92.5 mobile services, you accept to receive information about KiSS 92.5 and its partners.