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Patrick's Girlfriend Won't Let Him Meet Her Friends

Originally Aired: Sep 27, 2017

Patrick’s Girlfriend Won’t Let Him Meet Her Friends

Patrick emailed the Adam Wylde show to ask for some love advice. Patrick's girlfriend (let's call her Kate) and I have been dating for about a year now, we're in love and super happy, but it's been a year and I've yet to meet any of her friends. I know she has them, I see them on her Instagram all the time when I'm out on a boys night, but she won't let me meet them. I've asked her about it about a month ago and she brushed it off and we haven't mentioned it since. So over the weekend, I had a long day, I was very tired and hangry, And I messaged her best friend on facebook, who I've NEVER met, and I asked is she's embarrassed of me. It's been three days and I've yet to get a reply, but it says she read it. Do I bring this up with Kate? Do I leave it alone like her BFF seems to have? Do I message again? Take a listen to what KiSS 92.5 listeners had to say.