In a new interview with Dr. Vicek Murthy (former Surgeon General under the Obama Administration), Selena Gomez shares how she struggled with depression at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, “In the beginning, I couldn’t deal with it that well. I kind of went into a bit of a depression, and then I started going into a place where I was really writing and being active. I guess it just forced me to have that time.”



Selena continued, “My job is a lot of travel, connecting with people, making people happy, and that makes me happy, so it has been a struggle.  Slowly, towards the end, I found thing things I’m doing are coming out, and that was extremely exciting for me. I’ve worked on personal things like a beauty line that has a goal of reaching $100 million in 10 years for mental health, and recently, I’ve been able to go to the studio. So I would say right now, I’m fully coming out again and I just think I had to handle it the way I needed to handle it, and got through it with the right people and doing the right things and doing the right steps to not make me go crazy.”


Selena, whose been quarantining with both her grandparents and friends in L.A. says, “I think it’s important to stay informed and be aware of the latest news, but also take breaks from it because it can be overwhelming.”



Earlier this year while chatting with Miley Cyrus for her Bright Minded Instagram Live series, Selena shared, “I went to one of the best mental hospitals in … America, McClean Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized I was bipolar.  And so when I got to know more information, it actually helps me.  It doesn’t scare me once I know it.”


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