Hands down the best parody of 2020!  Combining ‘New Rules’ (2017) and ‘Don’t Start Now’ (2019), Dua Lipa along with James Corden gave us some new rules to follow if dating during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dua and James sing about Zoom calls, mask wearing, and more.


“One, get in the zone/ No doing edibles at home alone/ Two, stalk their Instagram/ Gotta background check if you wanna slam/ Three, up your waxing game/ No one’s seen you naked since February/ And if you hate it off/ Watch out if they start to cough/ I’ve got new rules for dating/ Six feet apart, no mating/ Masks can be irritating/ No more procrastinating/ These are the rules for dating,” read the lyrics.



After filming The Late Late Show for 10 weeks from his garage, James returned to a brand-new set, which was built to follow safety precautions, “We built a studio with the safety guidelines that would [make it] the safest way to make a show in this room, with crew being far enough apart.  That’s what we tried to do, and it was a long process of trying to get it to that point,” James told Entertainment Tonight some months back.



Because of an online leak, Dua made the decision to release her new studio album, Future Nostalgia.  This all happened during the early stages of the pandemic, “We’re all just trying to be safe and stay inside and protect the people around us.  If I could make someone smile or give someone a moment of comfort during this time, then I’ve done my job.”


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