This has to be the BEST video I’ve seen all year!


Following the releases of Ice Cream, and since BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez couldn’t get together because of the pandemic, they decided to create 3-D avatars via Zepeto.  According to Billboard, “Zepeto is an app from the South Korean online platform Naver that allows users to create 3-D avatars and interact with each other. The dance performance clip bears a lot of resemblance to the official music video, from the outfit changes down to the inflatable pink waffle cone.”



BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez also brought fans behind-the-scenes while on set of Ice Cream.



A second BTS video was also released, this time it was through Selena’s Instagram account.  In the video, we hear Selena say, “Blackpink are very known for their videos and they’re known for their personalities, so I felt like I got to step into their world a little bit.  I wish that I was there with them… I guarantee you there’s this energy that we could have if we could be in the same place, but we’re being safe.”



And just a week ago, the Ice Cream music video reached 100 million views on YouTube.



Watch below.



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