We all know that Jason Derulo is the “KING of TikTok” and if you subscribe to Will Smith on YouTube, you know he’s always down for a video that could go viral.
Check? and Check? because the two of them got together and put together a video that’s doing just that.

It starts off looking like Will Smith is just taking a reference video to teach Jason Derulo a golf swing, however it’s shot and edited to look like Will leans in to adjust the tee right as Jason swings the club.  Will then, turns to show what looks like his front teeth knocked out.

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And we never saw @jasonderulo again

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Now, it’s clear that it’s a prank and not real at all, but Will keeps the joke going by saying it’s “his turn” to swing as Jason awkwardly leaves…

No hard feelings though, as the two pose for a selfie afterwards.


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