Lady Gaga blessed the fans this week with some behind-the-scenes footage while on set with Ariana Grande for their ‘Rain On Me’ music video. 



The video revealed Gaga bringing a new meaning to her ‘Put Your Paws Up’ saying when she accidently scratched Ariana during their dance rehearsal.  You can hear Gaga say, “Richard, I shanked her with my nail by accident, dancing.”  However, Ariana didn’t seem to mind at all.  Laying on the ground, Ariana sweetly says, “Lady Gaga scratched my eye. It’s an honour. I hope it scars.”


Gaga then looks back at Ariana and says, “Which I’m not going to let you do, so stop,” and then asks a crew member to bring in some Neosporin.  When Ariana continues to tease Gaga about her scratch, Gaga replies, “You scratched my heart,” followed by a mini wrestling match all while Gaga tries to put Neosporin on Ariana’s scratch, “You have a scratch on your face! You can’t get infected before the video! Please let me put some Neosporin on it!” Gaga yells.





‘Rain On Me’ made its debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 – making it Gaga’s fifth and Ariana’s fourth song to reach No. 1.


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