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Like it or not, you know what is quickly approaching. No, not Christmas – the other one. Yes, Back to school!

Even though back to school may be different for everyone this year; whether you’re going away to school, or staying at home, an accessory update will keep you and everyone feeling fresh for school. That’s why we’re going to help you prepare with our list.

A Backpack

A backpack can be used for both home-school and regular schooling. Whether you’re searching for a new backpack, or another bag like a duffle, drawstring, or funny pack, you can find one that’s practical, affordable and fits your personal style. Even when staying at home to learn, backpacks can help instill a sense of normalcy and help the transition from the desk back to dinner table!


With the amount of technology employed by schools these days, it’s important to always have extra chargers on-hand, especially if learning will be from home this year. Communication with friends and teachers is key, so having a go to supply of chargers is a win-win scenario.

A Pencil Case

Pencil cases hold so much more than just pencils. You have to highlighters, markers, erasers and all kinds of other stuff in there. Stay organized with a large and sturdy case that will be able to withstand all of the poking and prodding and zipping!

A Reusable Lunch Bag

Lunch bags are key to keeping lunches warm or cold, and protected from the elements. Lunch bags are practical, and like the backpack, can become something to enjoy bringing to school or to the kitchen table for lunch!

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