Beginning July 7, masks and face coverings will be mandatory while in indoor public spaces.


In a statement made by Mayor John Tory, he says, “We have made so much progress in the fight against COVID-19 and are in the midst of reopening our city and safely restarting our economy. This bylaw makes sense from a health perspective and it makes sense from a business perspective. I know we all want to keep doing everything we can to keep this virus from spreading and to avoid a resurgence of cases like we are seeing elsewhere. Wearing masks or face coverings keeps you from unknowingly spreading COVID-19 and keeps the people around you from spreading it to you. It is about respecting and protecting each other. I really believe that the vast majority of people want to protect their own health and the health of others and that they will do the right thing and wear a face covering.”



Below is a list of all public spaces:

  • Courtesy of, all indoor spaces include the following:
  • Retail stores
  • convenience store
  • malls, shopping plazas
  • grocery stores, bakeries, farmer’s markets (enclosed areas)
  • restaurants, bars (when permitted to open for indoor service)
  • indoor recreational facilities, gyms, swimming pools (when permitted to open)
  • libraries
  • community centres
  • community service agencies
  • personal service settings
  • churches, mosque, synagogue, temples and faith settings
  • art galleries, museums, aquariums, zoos
  • banquet halls, convention centres, arenas, stadiums, and other event spaces
  • real estate facilities such as open house, presentation centres
  • common areas in hotels, motels and short-term rentals (e.g. lobbies, elevators, meeting rooms)
  • entertainment facilities including concert venues, theatres, cinemas, casinos
  • business offices open to the public


In addition, face masks or face coverings will be mandatory (beginning today) when travelling on the TTC.



According to the TTC’s website, masks will be mandatory with the exception of:


  • Children under two years of age.
  • Persons with an underlying medical condition which inhibits the ability to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Persons who are unable to place or remove a mask or face covering without assistance.
  • TTC employees and agents within an area designated for TTC personnel and not for public access, or within or behind a physical barrier or shield.
  • Additional accommodations in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code will also be considered.
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