To join the worldwide call for justice in response to the murder of George Floyd, Halsey protested alongside the Black Lives Matter rally in LA, where she explained her experience with the LAPD Police.

Halsey took to Twitter to share her experience participating in the protests over the weekend. She wrote, “Fired rubber bullets at us. we did not breach the line. hands were up. unmoving. and they gassed and fired.” Halsey also included 4 images of police officers holding guns that held rubber bullets.



In a follow up Tweet, Halsey informed her followers that she was not arrested.”Im safe. There were ppl I had to get to safety as many of them have VISAs. Myself + many of my peers were shot, gassed + antagonized. The frontline was calm + did not provoke BUT MANY ARE NOT SAFE + MANY ARE IN CUSTODY”



Halsey stayed true to her initial purpose by claiming she will no longer post about her personal information. “I WILL ONLY BE DOCUMENTING AND POSTING MY RECORD OF THE STATUS OF THE ASSEMBLY. “Thousands of you witnessed them fire on us unprovoked. Be safe.”



Halsey was back on the front lines with supplies the following day in Santa Monica, where she continued to document her experience via Twitter. “Santa Monica I’m here I have medical supplies lots of it. They are masking.” She also posted a very telling video of the LAPD throwing tear gas towards the protesters, while asking “Who are you protecting??”



Halsey also brought the message back to her fans, specifically white allies who are looking to support this movement.



Also, Halsey has donated $100,000 to various organizations committed to fighting racial injustice. Halsey is doing her best to #speakup, which will hopefully encourage many others to do the same.