Happiness is when you find out The Jonas Brothers are dropping a concert film documentary. The happiness continues when you find out it’s already arrived!

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have partnered with Amazon Prime Video to create ‘Happiness Continues’, a follow up to ‘Chasing Happiness’, featuring an in depth look at the brothers rise to stardom and their reunion from a 6 year separation.



This doc delves into behind-the-scenes footage of their 2019 tour ‘Happiness Begins’. It focuses on each member of the group’s personal lives, and how they balance that with being on tour. The Jo Bro’s have revealed their Las Vegas residency has been cancelled due to COVID-19, so this documentary comes at a good time.

The concert film will feature all your favourite Jonas Brother’s tracks, including ‘SOS’, and ‘Burning Up’, along with all their latest hits from their 2019 album ‘Happiness Begins’. It also showcases the big cities they visited while on tour – including an intimate set in Chicago.

Also, the boys announced they will be crashing fans’ ‘Happiness Continues’ watch parties over Zoom starting at 5pm EST Friday April 24. They are urging the public to text their Zoom links and meeting IDs to join in the celebration!



The trailer for ‘Happiness Continues’ starts with Joe Jonas stating, “I thought I was done with the Jonas Brothers… Hell no.” before launching into footage of screaming fans from various cities, shots of their adoring wives in the crowd, behind the stage action, and a preview of all the amazing music provided on the tour. There is a moment where Nick looks at his brothers with an obvious smirk on his face and asks ‘Do you think anyone will come?’, which we have to come to realize is an obvious rhetorical question, considering almost every show has resulted in being sold out.

‘Happiness Continues’ drops today, Friday April 24th. Check out the trailer here:





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