Along with the deluxe version of Rare, Selena Gomez released three brand new songs – Boyfriend, Souvenir and She.




Two of the new songs are about dating and the other, about Selena’s growth and journey over the years.  ‘She’ is Selena’s more personal song out of the three – she sings about her past, the bad decisions she’s made, Justin Bieber and the heartbreak and being a child star (and how many took advantage of her in Hollywood).



Check out the lyrics to She below.




[Verse 1]
She was too young to be the Hollywood type
Too pure to understand the lows and?the?highs
She didn’t know?if she was gonna survive
It all?got so much better with time


All of the evil eyes
Tequila before sunrise
I’d tell her to watch her back
That she’s worth more than that



‘Cause she was a girl with good intentions
Yeah, she made some bad decisions
And she learned a couple lessons
Wish I could tell her
She was a girl with good intentions
Didn’t need the second guessing
Didn’t need to ever question
Wish I could tell her

[Verse 2]
She didn’t know all of the hurt she could take
Her world was crumbling and so was her faith
Wish I could talk to her, ’cause what I would say
“Oh baby, you’re enough to get you out of this place”




I tried to tell her


I know you’ll get the chance, to find who you are
I know you’ll have the choice, before it gets too dark
I know you’ll get the chance to find who you are
I know you’ll have the choice




Take a listen to Souvenir and Boyfriend below.


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