The Jonas Brothers weren’t able to meet their fans through the Make-a-Wish Foundation so, they did what a lot of celebrities are doing these days – Nick, Kevin and Joe sent heartfelt video messages!




Nick begins and shares some useful advice, “I know these are tough times, confusing times, but I think the thing that’s helping me through it — and maybe this will help all of you — is I’ve been spending some time just writing.  It could be in a journal, it could be a short story or a poem or a song. Whatever brings you happiness, that’s the thing to focus on right now.” 


Kevin then says, “We know a lot of these wishes have been canceled with everything that has been going on, but we just hope you know that you are loved and we think you guys are the greatest.”


“Thinking about you and sending lots of love.  I hope this video brings you some joy, like all the Make-A-Wish kids brings me and my brothers so much joy when we get to meet you,” Joe adds.




Ryan Reynolds also shared a heartwarming message to Make-a-Wish.  Watch his video below.


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