Covid-19/Coronavirus is causing problems for everyone all around the world and has had a massive impact on people’s living situations.


Megan wrote in to say:


Hey Roz and Mocha,

One week ago I went back to the apartment I rented with my friend and her family (after visiting my mom) and I was told that because of covid-19 I had to either stay there (confined to my room), move to my moms and still pay my full share of the rent (not allowed to come back to get clothes until covid is over), or take all of my stuff and move to my moms in London.

In less than 24 hours I packed all of my things and left. My friend tried to make it seem like she was prioritizing my health (she’s a nurse), but it felt like she made the decision for me rather than with me.

When I left she said she didn’t want this to impact our friendship, but I was honest and said I need time to figure that out.

I value your insight and hope this can help navigate where to go from here. Love you guys!


Take a listen to her chat with Roz and Mocha below!



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