Let’s be very honest, raccoons are an incredible pain in the butt.




Tanya is having some major issues with them as she wrote to Roz and Mocha…


Hey Roz and Mocha,

How do I keep animals off my backyard furniture pillows????

We can’t figure out how to protect our backyard furniture. Last year we covered them up and when I went out there a few days later I thought a pillow had fallen over inside the protector and was about to fall out. So I went to push it…. it was not a pillow…It was a raccoon.

Since you guys are both such yard enthusiasts, I thought maybe you would have some ideas/hacks on what they do with their outdoor furniture


So what can Roz and Mocha do to help? Well they did their best…


If you have a dilemma that you want Roz and Mocha to help you work through, let us know by texting us at 925-555 (don’t forget, standard messaging and data rates may apply) and make sure you write ‘FML’ or ‘Fix My Life’ in the message.

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