Back in January, Roz and Mocha spoke to Connor who had a major decision to make:




Hey Roz and Mocha,

So I’m from Mississauga but I currently live in Fort Wayne, Indiana on a work Visa. I’ve been here for about 2.5 years and my visa is up in May. Now I cannot decide if I want to stay or come back. My friends and family are all back home but I’ve made amazing friends here. The job pays well and the cost of living is great, but I can’t decided if I want to stay here forever. I don’t think I do. Every time I come back to visit I feel like I’m in a rut for a week or so after I’m back in FW. I guess I’m just curious what either you would do in this situation.


The guys decided to check in with Connor again and see how the global pandemic, Covid-19 impacted his decision.


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