Since you’re likely spending a lot of time on your phone now that we’re all suppose to be self-isolating, you’ve likely watched some of the most random videos.

I have.


And I have been fascinated, for various reasons.

Mostly because I want to see anything non-COVID related so yes, marble racing is suddenly interesting:

Also cats with dominoes (at 40 seconds WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?!)

A dog singing? Ok. Singing along to the Law and Order theme? Sign me up:

Lucas The Intern and his brother play Jenga blindfolded because of course they did:

Let there be more penguins:

This dog jumping in leaves over and over makes me so happy…also makes me wish it was fall:


When WILL the cat stop going through holes??

I’m now very away of mirrors at home:

This story is ridiculous, but this woman TELLING this story is HILARIOUS:

Baby shark doo doooo doodoo doodoo:

They trained Bran the Raven at the Toronto Zoo to play Connect 4 (starts about 7 mins in):

We are #LIVE with Bran the raven and Keeper Bethany and Becca! Watch as he shows you his Connect4 skills and learn more about how intelligent ravens can be.Tune in each day ?at 1pm? as we go live from a different area of the Zoo #TheZooToYou #ClosedButCaring

Posted by The Toronto Zoo on Thursday, March 19, 2020

And this classic:

If you want to take a listen to KiSS 92.5, you can just ask your smart speaker!

And for all the latest news on COVID-19, 680 News is the place to go.

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