Happy Tuesday! If you haven’t heard already, Justin Bieber has just announced he’s heading back on the road for ‘The Changes Tour’.


michelle tanner omg GIF


Daryn Jones will have tickets all this week at 6PM for his September the 10th show at Toronto’s Rogers Centre. More info here: https://www.kiss925.com/contests/justin-bieber-tickets/


To celebrate, Lucas The Intern went to Yonge-Dundas Square to play a game of Name That Bieber Tune! Let’s see if you can guess the songs Lucas sang. Here’s a hint for the first one:


Yummy GIF by Justin Bieber


What’s your guess? Hear the answer below!



Did you get it? If not, maybe you’ll get the next one. Here’s a hint:


Justin Bieber Lyric Video GIF by Ed Sheeran


Hear the answer below:



2 more! Way to go if you have a perfect score so far. But if you’re 0/0, here’s another hint:


justin bieber video GIF


What a throwback! Full clip below:



How are you doing? 3/4? 4/4? 0/4???? This next song is a Bieber deep cut!


GIF by Jasmine Masters


Did you get it? If not, hear the clip below:



Thanks for playing along! Good luck trying to score those Bieber tickets from KiSS 92.5!

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