‘Justin Bieber: Seasons’  includes 10 episodes (roughly 10 minutes long) and follows Justin as he embarks on a new musical journey – the making of his first album in four years.  A new episode becomes available every Monday and Wednesday, and we promise to keep you updated whenever a new episode drops.



The Finale – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 10


  • Justin gets ready to announce the new album and stadium tour.
  • Justin’s closest friends, family members and celebs reflect on his journey.

Album on the Way – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 9


  • Justin is two months away from the albums releases.
  • Justin gets ready to film the music video for ‘Yummy.’
  • Justin learns new techniques to help cope with stress.



The Wedding – Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 8


  • Justin and Hailey tie the knot in South Carolina.
  • Justin and his friends reflect on his past struggles and the man he has become.
  • Justin performs ‘That’s What Love Is’ at his wedding ceremony.



Planning the Wedding a Year Later – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 7


  • We learn about Justin’s hobbies, things he does outside music.
  • The fans learn about Justin’s fashion label, Drew House.
  • Justin and Hailey head to Bluffton, South Carolina to finish wedding details.




Only Up from Here – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 6


  • Fans learn about the pressures Justin has encountered over the years.
  • Justin’s new album is almost complete.
  • Justin and Hailey visit Utah’s Amangiri resort.





The Dark Season – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 5


  • Justin and his team share details about his past, drug use / struggles.
  • Justin shares his most darkest moments throughout his career.
  • Justin explains why / when he stopped doing drugs.




Justin & Hailey – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 4


  • Justin and Hailey open up about their relationship – how they met, their marriage.
  • Justin’s management talks about Hailey’s influence on Justin.
  • Justin records new song, ‘Keep On Forgiving Me.’




Making Magic – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 3


  • Justin continues to work on his upcoming album.
  • We meet Justin’s closest collaborators and song writers – PooBear & Josh.
  • Justin records new song, ‘La Bomba.’




Bieber Is Back – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 2


  • Justin is working away in the studio.  We see him recording a new song titled Running Over, Yummy and he uses cue cards that include possible song titles and features.
  • The fans get to meet Justin’s producer, Josh Gudwin.  Justin and Josh have worked together for 10 years.  Justin says, “I love Josh. He helps facilitate everything and makes everything a lot easier. I’ve known him for so long, we just have a chemistry and we just vibe together.”
  • The fans also learn Justin is a true perfectionist when making new music.




Leaving the Spotlight – Justin Bieber: Seasons, Episode 1


  • Justin reveals he grew up in an apartment building in his hometown of Stratford, ONT.
  • Sharing a stage with Ariana Grande at last years Coachella festival inspired him to get back into music.
  • He hopes his new music will inspire and help others in need.
  • “I think what’s been challenging over the years is a lot of the times I’d make music and it would be for me, the focus and the goal is about yourself you tend to lose your purpose in that.  I think the older that I get the more I realize that I’m not utilizing my gift for the right reasons. This isn’t about me.  It’s about helping someone who’s going through whatever they are going through and being able to talk about that thing.”




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