Camila Cabello hit up The Late Late Show with James Corden to have a riff off with James. This time though, they were comparing songs across the decade; specifically 1999 VS 2019.

As usual, they both killed it, but one of Camila’s song choices has everyone buzzing!



Camila sang a few lines of ‘If I Can’t Have You’, a song Shawn Mendes reportedly wrote about her before they started dating.

However, almost immediately after the performance, fans of Camila and Shawn started gushing over the choice online.



She has such an amazing voice and recently revealed a trick on Instagram on how she takes care of her vocal cords in order to continue to perform at her best.

Apparently the secret is the “throat steamer” she’s had since the beginning of her career.

“So you guys haven’t known but this little guy has been with me every step of the ride since I was 16-years-old!”



Does it not make her kind of like a more adorable Bane though?


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