You’ve likely had a part-time minimum wage job you so desperately wanted to quit.

One guy from Toronto quit his job, which isn’t news, but the fact he stood in the coffee shop and SANG his way out the door, THAT’S news.

His name is Anesti Danelis and in this video of the song he says he’s worked there for years (looks like a Starbucks) and gave a shout out to his fellow employees, before he launches into the song.

Heads up: NSFW due to language.

He says he has a new job.

Wonder how the new boss feels about this video (some think it’s all staged).

A quick search shows he’s also an actor and musician.

But if you want to recollect some other people quitting their jobs, keep scrolling.

Remember the guy who quit with a marching band?

Or the I Quit girl?

This guy leaving to “Ice Ice Baby”:

Or this sweet “I quit”:

Remember the Jet Blue employee?

Or the guy with some sweet harmonies:


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