Twitter has spoken – and it’s all because Billie Eilish doesn’t know who Van Halen are!!!!



While on Jimmy Kimmel, he quizzed Billie on some 80’s trivia and when asked, “Can you name a Van Halen?” Billie responded with, “Who?”  Jimmy then jokingly replied, I’m going to start crying.” 

While Twitter went on a rampage following Billie’s interview, guess who responded? Wolfgang Van Halen, who is the son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and the current bass player in the band! In a Tweet, he wrote, “If you haven’t heard of Billie Eilish, go check her out.  She’s cool.  If you haven’t heard of Van Halen, go check them out.  They’re cool too! Music is supposed to bring us together, not divide us.  Listen to what you want and don’t shame others for not knowing what you like.”



Here’s what Daryn Jones had to say about Billie and Van Halen.



Do you remember 90’s pop/rock band Smash Mouth? They responded as well on Twitter.



Below are some Twitter reactions.





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