Oh boy! Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan caught herself in some drama following the American Music Awards on Sunday night.  While Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were on stage performing ‘Senorita,’ the camera glanced over at Jenna and shot her reaction.  Apparently, Jenna was seen saying, “She’s [Camila] is so extra,” following with an eye roll.




Jenna then set the record straight, addressing the issue via Insta-Story, and as the caption says, “Jenna ended up being a total hype queen for her.”  In the video, Jenna can be heard saying, “I’m getting a lot of text messages from people wondering if I was shading Camila.  No! I love her, I love her so much. I’m such a big fan of hers. I don’t understand what that’s about but no, I love her, love her, love her.  Senorita is my favorite song! So crazy! Anyways, clearing it up.”

Either way, Shawn and Camila did the damn thing Sunday night and brought major heat during their performance.  Following the award show, Shawn tweeted, “Thank you every, thank you so much! Also, Camila Cabello, I admire you so much you unbelievable human being.  Thank you for being you.”


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