The long awaited moment of the week happened this past Wednesday, when I went for my G driving test!


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If you don’t count that time I completely missed my appointment, this was my second attempt at the test. The first time I failed due to merging too late, and waiting until the lane almost finished to make a lane change. Confident that I learned from both of those oopsies, I went into attempt #2 feeling GREAT! Did I get my full license?

Hear the results below:


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Daryn Jones Live: Lucas The Intern Goes For His Driving Test!

Originally Aired: November 8, 2019


I can’t believe I failed for a second time! Especially since it was on the merging part of the highway, ONCE AGAIN. Also, what a bummer that I’ll be out $400 once I book my next attempt…


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Since I don’t want you to go broke like me, here are a few tips to help you pass your test:

  1. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test, and make sure you eat a healthy breakfast the morning of.
  2. Arrive early for the test, and don’t forget your licence.
  3. Obey the speed limits, and remember your turn signals.
  4. Stay calm, and be positive!


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