Now that all 9 seasons of SUITS have been shot, the production company no longer needs the piles and piles of set pieces, costumes, props and furniture from the show. So if you’re a big fans of the show, this is good news for you.

You can own a piece of the show. There’s 1932 auction lots of different collections from the show. Furniture and wall art from Harvey’s office, prop purses, suitcases even costumes worn in the show are all up for auction on the 403 Auction website.

AND bonus, the bidding on most items starts at $2.00.

They say;

“‘Suits’ was a 9 Season big budget hit TV series that won multiple awards. This sale will be the largest film sale to date in Canada and will most likely have the highest retail value of merchandise ever sold in Canada in a Film Auction. This show only bought high quality, high end , premium items. Sale to include all sets including the apartments which matched the high income lifestyle of the main cast. Kitchens, living rooms, Set Decor, Office, ultra high end designer wardrobes, props, Glass offices, even the core building supplies that the sets are built with such as 3/4″ Plywood and Engineered Joists and so much more…”



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