Niall Horan stopped by KiSS 92.5 to chat with Daryn Jones about his new single ‘Nice To Meet Ya’. The song is Niall’s first release in two years and he took a darker approach than his previous work.

Also, Daryn spoke with Niall about his solo debut ‘Slow Hands’, and how his fans have transitioned with him over his almost 10 year career.


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Daryn Jones Live

Daryn Jones Live: Niall Horan Talks About His New Single "Nice To Meet Ya"

Originally Aired: October 15, 2019


The interview wouldn’t be complete without a game of “First Gig, Worst Gig, Best Gig, Next Gig”, where Niall spoke about his start performing at pubs, a performance with One Direction that went awry, and so much more!

Plus, Lucas The Intern put his journalism skills to the test during his first celebrity interview when he asked Niall a few questions. Niall was pleasantly surprised!



Thanks to Niall Horan for dropping by KiSS 92.5, and make sure to listen to his new bop ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ below…


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