To promote their new Netflix special called Rhythm + Flow’, Cardi B, T.I. and Chance The Rapper stopped by The Ellen Show, played a round of Never Have I Ever, Cardi opened up about Hustlers and Chance revealed some interesting engagement news.




During Never Have I Ever, Cardi and Chance dished on some of the tattoos they regret getting (Cardi has a few male names inked on her body and as a teenager, Chance had ‘Get Back to Work’ written on his chest) and T.I. was the only one who admitted to hooking up with a fan during his career.


During her conversation with Ellen about her new movie Hustlers, Cardi dished, “I enjoyed it, and I couldn’t believe I was on set for 16 hours. Like, my god, is this what actors and actresses have to go through? You gotta wait on the trailer until it’s your turn, you gotta shoot the same scene like 20 times.”  Cardi played the role of Diamonds and she says even though set times were long, that won’t stop her from future acting (she’s currently working on a new movie as we speak).





And the best was when Chance opened up about last year’s Coachella festival.  He says during a party at French Montana’s house, Offset (who’s married to Cardi) pulled him to the side and encouraged him to propose to his then girlfriend, Kristen.  Chance says, “He was like, ‘Yo, you need to take care of business.’ I came back home, and proposed two months later.”


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