Fall is officially here, and you know what that means…. the Toronto Maple Leafs ARE BACK!


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To celebrate the occasion, Daryn sent Lucas The Intern (who’s not a sports fan, by the way) to the first Toronto Maple Leafs tailgate party of the season. He asked some stupid Maple Leafs questions to a few super fans before the party, and got some shocking answers!


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Daryn Jones Live

Daryn Jones Live: Lucas The Intern asks Toronto Maple Leaf super fans stupid questions

Originally Aired: October 2nd, 2019


He also got a chance to go inside the tailgate party where he saw Maple Leafs super fans decked out for the big opening game!



The best moment of the evening though, came when Lucas The Intern MADE IT ON TV! Check out the iconic moment when Lucas crashed a news report via Facebook Live:



Since the cameraman didn’t pull Lucas aside to share some Maple Leaf fun facts with viewers, here they are:

Leafs mascot Carlton the Bear’s name and number (60) are a tribute to the address of Maple Leaf Gardens, 60 Carlton Street!


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MLSE, current owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs, claims to have sold out every game since World War II! The wait list for season tickets? Oh, about 15-20 YEARS.


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Last but not least, some of the most famous Maple Leaf fans include Justin Bieber, Mike Myers, Chris Hadfield, and Drake!


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Even though his view on sports haven’t changed, Lucas had an amazing experience down at the Maple Leafs tailgate party. He also still can’t believe he made it on TV!

On behalf of all of us at KiSS 92.5, we wish our Toronto Maple Leafs a great season! GO LEAFS GO!


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