Toronto is crawling with celebrities and Daryn wants some star power on his show. So he sent Lucas The Intern down to Yonge-Dundas Square to get a piece of the TIFF action. 

It’s time for a celebrity scavenger hunt!


Lucas the Intern has to try and find these celebrities: Tom Hanks, Joakim Phoenix, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise, and Grumpy Cat (who’s dead, right?).

Let’s see how he did!


A few fun facts that you oughta know about the celebrities that you probably didn’t learn from TIFF!


Tom Hanks is a third cousin of Abraham Lincoln.


Joakim Phoenix is a hardcore vegan…. Like HARDCORE, to the point where he refuses to wear any costume made of animal skins in films.


Despite being in nearly 50 movies, Eddie Murphy never reads critic reviews of his movies! He told Rolling Stone in an interview: “I remember when Beverly Hills Cop came out, they gave it some horrible reviews … back then I would listen and trip. Now I don’t listen to anything. You have to have a filter on what you let in.”


Seeing that these are great fun facts, Lucas The Intern went prepared but sadly, didn’t get to use these fun facts because he didn’t find the celebrities he was looking for. Rather, he found a true Tom Hanks fan, a magician who gave Lucas a preview of some of his magic tricks, and a break dancer who apparently has beef with Tom Hanks?! Hopefully next TIFF season he’ll have better luck!

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