Lilly Singh’s new late night talk show “A Little Late With Lilly Singh” debuts Monday, September 16th.

Well, Tuesday at 1:35am.

But in Canada, it’s 12:37am.

BUT you can watch it even earlier…on YouTube:

The YouTube star from Scarborough will be living in the late night talk show landscape with a bunch of boys but no doubt she will be bringing greatness.

And lots of great guests.

Check out who you’ll see in her first week:

We’ve been waiting for tonight since she announced it on The Tonight Show in March:



Now we can talk about how she’s different than other hosts, like she’s the bisexual, and Indian-Canadian, and she’s young (she’s only 30!), but that’s not why she’s going to rock it.

Her personality, her humour, her creativity, her musical talents and her genius is going to make the show a hit.

Lilly promises she’ll still be posting lots to her incredibly successful YouTube channel, like this:

Couldn’t be more excited for Superwoman!!

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