Camila Cabello is caught up in a love triangle in her wacky new video for “Liar”.

She keeps dreaming of ways of leaving her billionaire jerk-of-a-boyfriend Reese Kensington when a server at a restaurant catches her eye.

That the story line, but it’s the random things that we’re here for.

Let’s recap:

  • She gets squashed by an elephant falling from the sky
  • Drones attack her
  • Sped up chase through the mansion
  • The pile-up crash of a bunch of bicyclists
  • Camila’s “toy”
  • She has back up dancers for her interrogation

And there’s more. You just have to watch it.

She’s becoming the queen at epic videos.

Well, maybe not this one:


This one is directed by Dave Meyers who also directed her song with Shawn Mendes, “Señorita”

And here’s what Camila had to say about making the video:


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