Taylor Swift is the life of the party.

Drunk Taylor Swift is the life of the party AND internet.

Tay Tay had a celebratory evening with everyone who helped make her music videos for “Me” and “You Need To Calm Down”.

When YNTCD came on, Taylor busted out the moves!

Thankfully A’keria Davenport from RuPaul’s Drag Race posted the gold to Instagram story and a fan saved it:



That hair mess is the indication of how drunk one is, because a girl on a night out makes sure her hair is on point, right?

You may have recognized some people in the video.

A bunch of people who were in YNTCD video were there: Laverne Cox, Hannah Hart, HAIM, Hayley Kiyoko, and more.

And Taylor has responded to her being #DrunkTaylor:



The whole reason for the party was Taylor was celebrating 10 VMA nominations.




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