We all know that Taylor Swift enjoys hiding easter eggs and secret messages in her music videos, interview appearances, tweets, her clothing……(you get the idea…)

There’s an Instagram account called Taylor Swift Easter Eggs that analyzes some of the secrets she’s slipped in projects already.

However, fans just realized that she also has hidden messages in her Capital One commercial where she plays the role of a diner waitress.

And in case you wanted to try and find them yourself, I should warn you that there WILL be spoilers below on what the hidden messages are.

(I never thought I’d ever be giving a spoiler warning on a bank commercial…)

Fans noticed a few things, including the constant use of the number ‘4’ as well as a few ‘burger and fries’ references which could be pointing towards a collab with Katy Perry as both of them wore burger and fry outfits in the music video for ‘You Need To Calm Down’.


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