To celebrate the third season of Stranger Things, Netflix and Baskin Robbins teamed up to converted their Woodbine Mall location into the super-popular ice cream shop you see in this season.



A recent press release writes, “In celebration of the premiere of season 3 of Stranger Things on Netflix, Scoop Ahoy – the ice cream parlour set in the series – is dropping anchor at the Baskin-Robbins location in Woodbine Mall in Etobicoke.”


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we would let robin call us a dingus any day of the week

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In addition to the yummy treats, check out the cool swag you can grab.



According to BlogTO, “Customers can expect to find some limited edition treats inspired by Stranger Things.  The brand new ‘U.S.S. Butterscotch’ ice cream flavour and ‘Byers House Lights Polar Pizza’ dessert pizza will both be available through the duration of the activation.”



What exactly is  ‘U.S.S. Butterscotch’ ice cream?  It’s creamy butterscotch-flavoured ice cream with butterscotch toffee and it’s wrapped with a toffee ribbon.  And that pizza? Made with Snickers ice cream.  It has chocolate drizzle AND yummy M&Ms chocolate on top.



Check out some photos below.



The Scoops Ahoy replica will remain open until July 18!


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one summer can slightly change everything

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