Why does this world have to be filled with so many nasty, mean people?


An Internet troll, with the online name ‘selenuer’ decided to body-shame Demi Lovato on Instagram.  This online user wrote, “Hey Demi dm me so we can discuss a diet plan for you.”  Demi responded with, “I actually am choosing not to diet and fall back into unhealthy behaviours at the risk of losing my sanity or mental health but thank you for the offer! Super sweet.”



If it was 15-minutes of fame this internet troll was looking for, that’s what they got! Their post blew up on social media once Demi responded and the account has since been deleted (or the username may have been changed).  Back in 2016, Demi opened up about her family’s ongoing battle with bulimia, “Even though I was two or three-years-old, being around somebody who was 80 pounds and had an active eating disorder… it’s hard not to grow up like that.  My grandma had bulimia, my mum had it, I had it, and hopefully my kids won’t have it, but it’s kind of like an addiction. It’s hereditary.”




At the end of the day, NO ONE should be body-shamed – especially if you don’t know what that person has been through in their life, past or present.  We love you, Demi!



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Here’s a basic bitch bathroom selfie ???

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