New Orleans native and comedian by the name of Funny Mike wasn’t in ANY funny mood when Golden State lost to the Toronto Raptors in game 6 of the 2019 NBA Championship.


Mike posted this video on his Facebook and Instagram page, smashing and breaking two of his TV’s following the final buzzer of game 6.


[viewer discretion is advised]



Why so mad, bruh? Mike had apparently bet money on the Warriors so instead of taking his anger out on the chair or even a small object, he broke his TV.  He later tweeted, “Look … when it comes to sports, no one or nothing safe around me.”



Considering a lot of his videos on Instagram are staged, let’s just hope this one is as well.  Twitter user ‘Seahawks fan 4 life’ made a good point – he tweeted, “I mean if it was staged it’s a pretty studio idea to break 2 flatscreen TVs.”



So now Mike is out money AND a TV.




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