Just shhhtttaappp already, would ya!



This past week, we received brand new music from Miley Cyrus, Cardi B AND Katy Perry and guess what?! They ALL showed support for one another on Twitter.

Katy Perry Tweeted, “Thanks for the love y’all and congrats to all the wonderful new music out by so many talented goddesses, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Rosa Liavt, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha.”  Miley responded with, “Loveyyyyyy you!”



Cardi B then Tweeted, “I dead wanna cry of happiness though of course.  I can’t thank ya enough for the love and support.  Other artist drop songs tonight Miley and Katy.  Show love to the pop girls.”



Miley then responded back saying, “Yassss mama! Slay the day queen.”



Listen to all of their new singles below…



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