Twenty One Pilots ‘Bandito Tour’ stopped at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena last night and it was electric from start to finish.

Within seconds of hitting the stage, the crowd was on their feet singing along to every word loud and proud.

The concert began with the duo singing some of their newest singles Jumpsuit, Levitate and Fairly Local.

Of course, the show would have not been complete without the band performing some of their most popular singles including Stressed Out, Heathens and Ride.

The arena setup consisted of two stages that the duo transitioned back and forth from throughout the show. At one point, the guys got up close and personal with the crowd as drummer Josh Dun was held up on a platform on top of the crowd.

If I had to describe the show to someone who was not in attendance, I would say they brought a highly energetic performance that was nonstop from start to finish.


1. Jumpsuit
2. Levitate
3. Fairly Local
4. Stressed Out
5. Heathens
6. Legend
7. We Don’t Believe What’s on TV
8. The Hype
9. Lane Boy
10. Nico and the Niners
11. Smithereens
12. Neon Gravestones
13. Bandito
14. Pet Cheetah
15. Holding on to You
16. Ride
17. Cut My Lips
18. My Blood
19. Morph
20. Car Radio

1. Chlorine
2. Leave The City
3. Trees




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