Just as the weather begins to warm up it looks as though we will be getting some new music from Katy Perry!

The American Idol judge posted to her Twitter/Instagram pages that a song (or maybe a project??) titled, “Never Really Over” is set to be released on Friday.



Katy also tweeted out a video that features a lot of colourful and unique visuals, which are a staple of Katy Perry music videos (i.e. see ‘California Gurls‘).

The voice over in the video gives a clue as to what “Never Really Over” might be about…

“It’s a place where you go to heal your heart and let go of any remnants of energy from older relationships. It’s a place of tranquility and synchronicity. A place to unite through our broken hearts. A place to learn that there is a push and a pull to healing and that while sometimes like it can feel like the old relationships will never be over, through the activity and surroundings, you’ll learn to heal and let it go.”



Interestingly, Zedd Tweeted out the name of Katy’s song/project…



It’s led to many wondering if he might be collaborating with Katy on the record, or it could just be his way of showing support (especially as the two recently teamed up on the song, ‘365’).



Whatever is coming, we are excited for “Never Really Over” which drops on Friday!

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