Even if you didn’t know Bookie, you knew who Bookie was.

Dave Bookman, who everyone knew as Bookie, has been a staple of Toronto radio for YEARS, and a scholar in alternative music and a champion to up and coming indie bands.

It was terribly sad news when Bookie passed away on May 21st, 2019.

He was only 59.

As a tribute, today is “Day to Make Music Count for David Bookman”.

The station he was on, Indie88, is aiming to raise $10,000 for MusiCounts, while matching donations dollar for dollar.



MusiCounts is an awesome organization that puts musical instruments in the hands of kids across Canada.

Music education is so important  because you know that music can transform, inspire and elevate you.

And music can make a difference, and in honour of our brother in radio Bookie, we hope you can help make a difference.

Please help out if you can. You can donate here.

*UPDATE: they’ve reached their initial goal and now going for $20,000 (and are matching that!)



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