“Old Town Road” is proving to be a great return on investment for Lil Nas X.


The story goes that Lil Nas X found the beat for what was to become “Old Town Road” on YouTube.

A 19-year-old from the Netherlands that goes by the name YoungKio made it.

Nas dropped $30 to lease the beat.

Here’s the coolest part: the song actually samples Nine Inch Nails.

Yep, “34 Ghost IV” off of NIN album Ghost I-IV


So once Nas had the beat, he spent a month writing the lyrics, with the help of Google to learn some Western language.

But the Wranglers he was familiar with.

He’s from Georgia and “everybody wore Wranglers”.


Speaking of Wrangler, Lil Nas X has a clothing collaboration with the brand, the Capsule Collection.

While some artists spend BOATLOADS of money to make a hit, Lil Nas X has a massive hit with $30.

Wondering if something will have to be paid to NIN, though.






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