John Mayer and Shawn Mendes are close friends and have even worked together. What you might not have realized is just how close they are! John Mayer was on Andy Cohen’s radio show and the story came up about how a dozen pairs of Shawn Mendes’ underwear ended up in his hotel room.



John asks Andy;

“Do you want to know how Shawn Mendes’ underwear ended up in my hotel room?”

Andy of course says YES and he explains,

“Shawn says to me, ‘Hey man, do you think you could Postmates underwear?…I’m out of underwear”

“I said, ‘You don’t have to Postmates underwear, I’ll get you underwear.’ So I had my assistant go out and get Shawn Mendes underwear.”

In telling the story, John Mayer also reveals (for the INTENSE Mendes fans) that he wears medium undies…

So the story may not be as juicy as you might’ve imagined…but it’s good to know that Shawn will never have that problem again thanks to Calvin Klein!


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