Rocking a Saint Laurent suit on the red carpet … can we please take in how amazing Shawn Mendes looked at the 2019 Met Gala.



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In a new video by Vogue, they go behind-the-scenes with Shawn as he prepared himself for the Met Gala.  Vogue caught up with Tiffany Briseno, who has been Shawn’s personal stylist for the last five years and this is what she had to say about Shawn’s Met Gala look, “We had a plaid stage, and a leather-jacket stage.  Now, we’re just in a very natural rockstar stage.”


Prior to the Met Gala, Shawn told Vogue, “I’m the worst at explaining why clothes are cool, but these are just really cool.  It fits me incredibly.  On tour, we’ve been lining all my pants and jeans with stripes.  Tonight we went one step further and lined them with little sequins.”



Vogue also got the chance to speak with Shawn’s hairstylist, Anna Berabe.  Figuring out a style to rock, Shawn explained, “Usually, we do this thing where my hair is pretty curly and falling in my face, which is what it naturally does.  But today we’re going to force it to stay still.  It took one week to convince me to do this hair.”



And the cutest part, Shawn later FaceTimed his mom for look-approval #LOL.  In the video, you can hear Shawn’s sister ask, “Why does your hair look like that? I don’t mind it but it’s just different.”  Shawn replied, “That’s the point!”


For the FULL interview with Vogue, click here.

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