When you think of a sexy accent, where does your mind first go? French, English, Spanish maybe. Big 7 Travel held a survey asking what the sexiest accent in the world is, here are some of the results they came up with.


1. New Zealand
2. South African
3. Irish
4. Italian
5. Australian
6. Scottish
7. French
8. Spanish
9. US Southern
10. Brazilian Portuguese

According to the list, the accent that gives the most people butterflies in their stomach is a New Zealand (or “Kiwi”) accent. It’s described as ‘ridiculously charming’. I know what you’re thinking though, what about our beloved Canadian accent eh?

Well we came in at number 13, just behind ‘Queens English’.

So while you could look at it as we’re “not as sexy as the smooth talking Brits”, OR you could say that we’re “pretty much JUST AS sexy as them”.

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