Pentatonix has done it once again! They just released an amazing mix of all Ariana Grande’s biggest jams.

In the mega mix, the group included some of Ariana’s biggest hits – from ‘Problem’ to ‘Right There’ and ‘My Way,’ ‘One Last Time,’ ‘Break Free,’ ‘Love Me Harder,’ ‘Side to Side,’ ‘Breathin,” ‘God Is A Woman’ and ‘Dangerous Woman.’  In addition, the mega mix also included some of Ari’s tracks from her latest album, Thank U, Next – ‘7 Rings,’ ‘Imagine,’ ‘NASA,’ ‘Needy,’ ‘Break Up with Your Girlfriend’ and many more.

Photo by: Instagram/Pentatonix
Photo by: Instagram/Pentatonix

Following Pentatonix releasing the video, once she watched it, Ariana was in awe.  In response to the group’s mega-mix,, Ariana tweeted, “This is so incredible.  My face has chills and the last minute made me sob.  Also, I forgot I have that many songs.  I have no idea how that happened.  Anyway, you are all incredible and I love you dearly.  Crying.  Bye.  Thank you.”


Ariana even wrote a sweet message on Instagram – she wrote, “This… f*****g.  Insane.  The last 30 seconds made me BAWL my eyes out oh my god.  I love y’all.  This is tremendously incredible.  I’m so honored you did this. thank you!!!!! Jesus CHRIST. y’all can sing.  Like I’m CRYING crying.”

This isn’t the first time Pentatonix covered Ariana – five years ago they covered ‘Problem’ and look how young they were #AWW.

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