Okay, no need to panic… but some MAJOR news.

You know Jason Momoa…


Yeah, that dream boat. Well, he just posted a video to Youtube…and it was of him shaving off his entire beard! All of it…all gone.

In the video him and his friend walk into what looks like a desert with clippers in their hands and they’re talking about recycling.

There’s a lot that happens, but the whole point behind the video is to help people understand that aluminum is a lot better for the environment than plastic.

But honestly, you can’t help but get distracted from the message when HE STARTS SHAVING HIS BEARD! It’s what he’s known as. Can’t blame us for being shocked.

… I mean, we can’t be too mad. It grows back, and he’s still bae af. Oh and it was for a good reason, obv… So we’ll allow it.

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