Bilie Eilish has one of the hottest and most talked about albums right now; what you may not have known though is how it was put together. Both her and her brother grew up in a home that was always filled with music so it’s no surprise that both of them became musicians. In fact, he was the producer that put together Billie’s debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”  They worked out of their home studio which is still in their childhood home that they grew up in. Her brother, who releases music under the name FINNEAS, credits the intimate sound of their music to the fact that they recorded it in that comfortable ‘home environment’.


In this video with AWAL (Artists Without A Label), he gives a tour of his home studio, shows some of the techniques they used to create Billie’s album, and even performs one of his own songs on the piano.



So just remember,


If you ever thought that you don’t have the means to reach your goal, look at these 2 artists that are able to create amazing music without a big recording studio or a label.


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