The Notre-Dame Cathedral; built in the 12th-century, home to countless pieces of art and one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions found itself engulfed in flames today. It was immortalized in the 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and popularized by Disney’s movie adaptation. The investigators say that the official cause of the fire is unknown but they’ve ruled out arson as they believe it has something to do with the renovations that the cathedral was undergoing.  People all over social media shared heartbreaking photos and videos of the slowly collapsing building as fire crews tried to fight the flames.

Though the fire was eventually controlled, there was still extensive damage including the loss of the iconic “spire-peak” that was once visible from anywhere in the Paris skyline. However, now that investigators can enter the cathedral, they’ll start assessing damage on more than just the structure (which they have already promised to rebuild). They say they will also assess damages on some of the artwork including the 2 “rose stained glass” windows that were original to the building.



It’s truly heartbreaking to see.




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