The saying is, “You look like a million bucks!” Well, the other night while backstage at London’s O2 Arena, Drake’s outfit was legitimately worth $1 million. He was featured on a YouTube series called How Much Is Your Outfit? where he and his “OVO crew” broke down how much each outfit cost.

His crew’s threads ranged between $2,000 and $122,000.

However, the ‘6ix God’ was wearing;

  • A custom Brioni jacket (~$11,000)
  • Tom Ford crocodile shoes ~($15,000)
  • Chain (~$200,000)
  • Richard Mille watch (~$750,000)

After everything all in his outfit came into close to $979,000.

For reference, here’s what I’m wearing;

  • Crewneck sweater ($30 on sale)
  • Blue jeans ($28…also on sale)
  • Shoes ($40…again, you guessed it, on sale)

Grand total: $98

Who’s the REAL winner Drake?



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