NAV’s new album Bad Habits is finally here and we’re obsessed.

There’s collabs in the album with The Weeknd, Meek Mill, Young Thug, Gunna, and Lil Durk.

Oh, our boy The Weeknd is an executive producer on the album, so you know it’s dope.

You also may notice the song titled Habits ft Lil Uzi Vert is scratched off the tracklist – that’s because DJ Drama and Don Cannon won’t clear Uzi’s verse legally, so he can’t use the song.

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Crazy but its true #FreeUzi

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It may drop one day…but until then, we’re hooking you up with some Bad Habits captions you can use. So prepare for your Instagram to be LIT.

Here are some of my personal favourite liners:


To My Grave

  • “I got secrets that I’m takin’ to my grave”
  • “Talkin’ delinquents, my squad don’t know how to behave”
  • “Stackin’ my racks, dawg, do you got my back, dawg?”
  • “Can’t take no risk, ever since I went legit”
  • “We shootin’, scorin’, stayin’ high above the rim”


I’m Ready

  • “Don’t know why they doubt me; what’s the game without me?”
  • “Diamonds hittin’ left, right; I’m just living my best life”
  • “I keep good intentions, I don’t gotta mention”
  • “Made money off my passion, don’t care if they taxin’, ’cause I get them racks.”
  • “No time to relax, I need another bag”
  • “Leave your face inside spaghetti, but I’m sippin’ on this deadly”


Taking Chances

  • “Gave into my thoughts, I can’t ignore these voices anymore”
  • “See them XO boys like, “There they go””
  • “Lifestyle so impeccable; Diss, we gon’ turn you vegetable”
  • “Been all in, I can call their bluff”
  • “I done sold a lot of things but I would never sell my soul”
  • “Say you real, you ain’t solid though”
  • “grew up in the jungle now I’m leadin’ a pack of wolves”
  • “All my haters keep getting madder, as they should, that’s a good indication that I’m doing good”


Tap ft Meek Mill & Kodak Black

  • “Thousand nights on that corner eating egg-rolls”
  • “Bad b**** Puerto Rican, look like J. Lo, woah”
  • “Only thing I gave ’em was a halo”
  • “I got cake, I stay humble, know I’m the man for real”
  • “Yo, who’s mans is this? All up in my section Instagramming sh**”
  • “I be with some real hitters, they ain’t with that camera shit”
  • “How we gon’ learn to stack if we ain’t got nothing to say?”
  • “Just being honest, Meek (insert someone’s name here) was the first to show me love”
  • “Got wedding bands but I still don’t got a b**** to cuff”
  • “In every city I go, they already know what’s up”
  • “Cross a line, it’s too late, you can’t take it back, back, back”



  • “I never had sh**, so I wear my AP when I sleep”
  • “I respect my OGs ’cause they practice what they preach”
  • “I’m so lit that my first crush just turned into a creep”
  • “Makin’ art with my home team and my whole team gon’ eat”
  • “No pension, I’m finna go and buy my mom a Rolls”
  • “Attention I feel when I wear Prada to my toes”
  • “Attention I feel when I’m surrounded by these h***”
  • “We be in the field, it ain’t hard to find us”
  • “I’m chillin’ at the top, you still tryna climb up”
  • “Just to mention I’m grateful that they found us”
  • “They feel tension when they come around us”
  • “All my stones are fancy, be careful with these”


Price On My Head ft The Weeknd

  • “Price on my head, got a price on my head”
  • “I’m so paranoid, I’ma sleep when I’m dead”
  • “I can’t sleep, that’s insomnia, so much ice like I’m Tonya”
  • “My mansion is no joke, house party like 1 OAK”
  • “I’m too busy, faded in Japan with the crew”



  • “Said I’m done with bling, after one more ring”
  • “Before they move, they gon’ think about me”
  • “Swimmin’ in the deep end, my neck all wet”
  • “When I’m sober, I don’t feel like I’m at my best”
  • “I did a lot of things that they ain’t expect”
  • “I paid off my debts and I’m still getting checks”
  • “Had to move on but I still got some regrets”
  • “I been ballin’, I been hittin’ nothin’ but net”
  • “All of my people say that I was heaven-sent”
  • “‘Til we overdose, XO I represent”
  • “I’ma throw a private ceremony, me and money gon’ elope”
  • “Gotta keep faith, I ain’t never believe in hope”


Tussin ft Young Thug

  • “I suggest that you should ride with me”
  • “Feels like my flaws are all you ever see”
  • “Just take it easy, it ain’t easy being me”
  • “Want to catch a XO vibe, well it’s fine by me; Gotta give your phone up, you gotta show ID”



  • “I found out my penthouse on the top floor; still the same person, I just shop more”
  • “Change my number, I don’t wanna hang out “
  • “Catch me by myself with all my chains out”


Hold Your Breathe

  • “I can’t chase these b****es, I know I’m the catch”
  • “You ain’t drippin’, your outfit make me upset”
  • “Wanna stay the night, I told her, “It’s not one of those””


Why You Crying Mama

  • “Went shopping the whole day, she be surprised my credit card ain’t maxed”
  • “Whatever she need, I’m buying, she ain’t gotta ask”
  • “Even though she ain’t perfect, I know that she got my back”
  • “I just got a little fame, mama; But my heart won’t ever change, mama”
  • “She don’t want no presents, she just want my presence”
  • “All she tell me is save money and count all my blessings”
  • “We’ll never be the same, I’m cut from a different cloth”


Time Piece 

  • “On my way to the top, I’m climbing”
  • “You’re supposed to be lit with me, but instead, you burnin’ me”
  • “Like I meditate, got my mind straight”
  • “Dodging all the hate; Watch me elevate”
  • “& I gotta go all out when I do my thing”
  • “Oh, you rockin’ them Yeezys now? You saying you don’t need me now”
  • “Timeless timepiece; Designer, design me”


Dior Runners

  • “Your watch is stupid but my diamonds look dumber”
  • “I graduated out the trap, got my diploma”
  • “Always be myself, I’m never playing no persona”
  • “I can bet your favorite rapper is a poser”
  • “I deposit big amounts; I wear brands I can’t pronounce”
  • “Once I feel disrespected, there ain’t nothing to say “



  • “Met her in my city, now I got her flying overseas”
  • “She need my vibe and all I need from her is loyalty”
  • “You got some problems, I can solve them, baby trust in me”
  • “Don’t you ever question me”
  • “I know what she’s worth”
  • “Your ex found out you mess with me, now he want to mention me”
  • ” tryna get next to me, really you the best of me”
  • “I bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in me”


Stuck With Me

  • “I brought you to where you at, don’t you turn your back on me”
  • “I think before I react ’cause I don’t want to cause a scene “
  • “Put my squad on my back, keep my wolves fed, gotta keep them off the streets”
  • “I see hate, I don’t react, most the people broke that be mentioning me”


Know Me

  • “They know me, everywhere I go”
  • “Gucci stripes all on me, cost me 80 for one sock”
  • “Say I look like a snack, diamonds on baseball bat, they hitting”


OKAY, I hope this helps your Instagram stay lit. NOW GO LIVE YOUR BEST INSTA LIFE!



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